An Eastern Cape motorist watched helplessly as her Ford Kuga burst into flames on the R63 between King Williams Town and Dimbaza yesterday.



I just can’t image how Ford Kuga owners must feel by now! Merely the fact that there’s obviously a huge mechanical fault somewhere…

Over the last couple of weeks nearly 40 Ford Kuga’s magically burst into flames while driving. The latest incident happened on the 6th of January 2017 on the R63 between King Williams Town and Dimbaza.

Traffic officials and the SAPS closed the road for over an hour while waiting for the Fire Department to arrive. The driver of the Ford Kuga was crying hysterically as her car went up in flames, a witness said.

According to a traffic official on the scene, the incident was caused by a faulty cooling system. “The problem is the cooling system – the car started overheating and the exhaust pipe got extremely hot and started producing sparks which led to flames.”

Ford Kugas owners demand answers from the Manufacturer. When will the company recall the vehicles?

More pictures of Ford Kugas ablaze: