Gary Wallock’s killer shot 10 to 12 bullets into his body Monday evening as he lay beside his car in a restaurant parking lot in Lauderhill.

To help find the killer, Lauderhill police released surveillance video of the parking lot execution on Wednesday afternoon. The video did not show the killer’s facial features, but viewers could see his build and other details.

The shooting occurred around 5:30 p.m. Monday as Wallock, 34, left the Lobster and Seafood Warehouse with a friend. As they reached Wallock’s car, the friend headed for the front passenger door while he paused by the car’s trunk. Meanwhile, the gunman crouched next to a minivan parked around a building, then sprinted toward Wallock.

The killer extended his arm and fired at Wallock’s head. A second shot hit near mid torso. Wallock collapsed as he started to run to his left, leaving him down and defenseless outside the driver-side door. The killer shot enough to kill Wallock. Then he fired more shots into him.

The killer sprinted through the bushes lining the parking lot while Wallock’s terrified friend frantically did the same in the other direction before eventually coming back to her friend’s body.

Wallock lived in Lauderdale Lakes. A ticket for driving without a license is Wallock’s only recorded run-in with the law.