In the quiet suburb of Malvern, Durban a shooting occurred. A intruder first broke into a vehicle on the premises (complex) and thereafter decided to break into the house, where the occupants were fast asleep! We all know what result out of the majority of these types of home invasions. Rape, murder, serious assaults etc!! The owner of the house woke up and a confrontation resulted between the armed burglar (He was armed with a screwdriver). In the end the burglar was shot and killed by the home owner protecting the lives of himself, his wife and children! All well and good most of us would say not so? Not according to the Saps members from the local station that attended. They promptly arrested and locked up the owner of the house for Murder! Shouldn’t the circumstances surrounding the shooting first be investigated and the case then sent to court for a decision to prosecute or not? Is this not a case of Police members being over zealous? A man just protected his family in a incident which was undoubtedly extremely traumatic for him and his family! And now he is lying in a cold cell with no access to trauma debriefers? What’s your thoughts on this??