Image: Daily Voice

A Retreat woman was in tears on Thursday when she got the chance to meet the hero cop who saved her and a group of friends from skollies in Lavender Hill.

The woman, who asked not to be named, says if Law Enforcement Constable Jacobus Gelant had not assisted them when their Uber taxi “stalled”, they might not be alive today.

The Retreat mom says after a night out, the group took an Uber home from Ottery in the early hours of Sunday morning.

She says as they passed Lavender Hill, they got a skrik when the car stopped near an intersection known for robberies and the driver said he’d run out of petrol.

The woman says: “There were five guys at the robot and as the driver turned, the car went off. He just sat there calmly and said he must notify Uber. He did not start the car again.

“When the car stopped, the guys started to appear one by one out of the trees.

“They were at the left side of the car. And there was another group running over the road towards us.”

The woman and her friends started panicking and she secretly requested another Uber taxi while concealing their valuables from the skollies.

During this time, they say two police vehicles passed, but did not stop to help.

Then a Law Enforcement officer arrived and saved the day.

He helped the friends get safely into a new taxi and bought R30 petrol for the driver.

“Yoh, I thought I was in trouble,” he said as the mom grabbed him and hugged him.

Gelant says he had just completed his shift and was on his way to his Muizenberg home when he spotted the vehicle.

“I was off duty, but I am a Law Enforcement officer and it is my job to keep people safe. It feels nice to get a thank you.”

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