Yesterday, doctors at Tygerberg Hospital were fighting to save the life of Warrant Officer Denvir Dirks, 44, who has now been hailed a hero for a second time.


Dirks, who is stationed at Ravensmead Police Station, was working as a security guard for a bread company in his private capacity when he was attacked by an armed robber in Magalies Street, N2 Gateway, yesterday.

He is also a former Corporal of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)

Cops say Dirks, who is married, was escorting a bread delivery truck just after 10.15am when an unknown gunman shot him in the head and stole his private firearm.

Dirks, who is also a pastor and lives in Ravensmead, was rushed to hospital with the bullet lodged behind his ear, and doctors at the trauma room fought to keep him alive.

Late last night, Dirks was said to be in a critical condition and on life support.

On June 6 last year, the officer was aboard a Jason Distributor’s bread truck when three armed robbers in a white Toyota Corolla struck.

Dirks then opened fire on the robber, killing him instantly.

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