In a few hours the nightmare will begin for many dogs and all pets alike, all because the ‘superior’ human does not care who is affected when they celebrate even in the craziest of ways.

Before you watch the video below I am sharing with you how dogs are affected by fireworks.

The loud, unexpected sounds of fireworks cause stress and anxiety for dogs and here is why:

Dogs have a more acute sense of hearing making them more sensitive to the sounds of fireworks than humans.

Think about how frightened you get when surprised by a sudden loud noise, how bad it is for those few seconds. And now for the dog the sensitivity is multiplied and the haphazard blasts cause an adrenaline rush, increase in heart rate and an increase in stress hormones circulating through the body.

Worse for the dogs, the blasts continue for a lengthy period and for them it is not the few seconds you take to understand whats happening but continous torture at the hands of an inconsiderate human celebrating wildly.

Fireworks are not like thunderstorms to dogs. Dogs can feel the change in barometric pressure and high winds that forewarns its arrival and they can anticipate. Unlike the fireworks blasts which are sudden and occur less frequently than thunderstorms giving them no time to acclamatise.

In the video below, bearing in mind how dogs take to sudden loud noises you will most likely have to weep with the dog. Efforts are being made to establish when and where the video was filmed.

I hope this article has reached you in time to consider other ways of celebrating bringing your pets along. Or you will choose to be like the men in the video.

SOURCE: http://newsnow.co.za/three-disgustingly-cruel-men-torment-dog-with-firecrackers/