Witnesses say the man driving a police van sped down 6th Avenue in Eastridge, Mitchells Plain, on Friday at 7pm.

He allegedly hit a signpost after swerving to avoid a taxi that had stopped at a pedestrian crossing near Cherry Lane.

Police have confirmed that the officer, attached to the Public Order Policing in Faure, has been arrested on a charge of drunk driving.

A concerned resident says the cop van was “littered with liquor bottles, and the cop could barely stand up straight”.

The resident says the policeman was staggering up and down the street, slurring his words as he swore at onlookers as they took photos and videos on their cellphones.

A witness explains: “He was walking around swearing at the people while they were taking pictures of him, telling the people, ‘ja, julle vat foto’s, ek skiet julle in julle ma se * ***’ (Yes, you taking pictures, I will shoot you in your mother’s vagina).”

The resident says people called the police, and two vans with four police officers pulled up.

But instead of arresting the cop, the officers chatted to their colleague.

The bystander says: “We asked the police why they don’t arrest this guy, but they just made as if they didn’t hear us.”

By 7.30pm, 30 minutes after the accident, a senior member of the Mitchells Plain police arrived on the scene.

“He questioned the police officers as to why the drunk cop was not in custody,” says the resident.

The man was then loaded into the back of a police van and taken away.

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