According to a witness who refused to be named, the five armed men arrived at the man’s fresh produce business situated near the Housewives Market and held up the businessman and his employees.

“I saw them coming out with money in plastic bags and what looked like laptops and they went straight to their getaway white VW Polo which they had parked at the business premise”

“Before the robbers could get into the car, the business owner came out limping and started shooting at the getaway car,” he said.

Shattered glass could still be seen were the suspects car was parked.

The robbers’ car had problems starting as the businessman continued firing which led two of the suspects to abandon the car and flee on foot.

“The suspect who ran towards Flower road was not so lucky as he was shot and he collapsed 30 metres away from the business premises” he added.

One suspect disappeared into the nearby shacks while the other suspects escaped in their getaway car after about three attempts to start their car.

The shot suspect succumbed to his injuries and passed on before paramedics arrived, while the injured businessman was taken to hospital for further attention.

Two pistols were recovered on the scene according to the witness however this has not yet been confirmed.

It is not known how much the suspects made away with and police were not immediately available to comment.