Image: eNCA

THE MAJORITY of Gauteng motorists have been refusing to pay for the Gauteng e-tolls since the beginning.

And now it seems Sanral is running out of energy to chase after motorists who have chosen to boycott the e-tolls.

The Citizen reports that an exhausted Sanral is admitting it has all but lost the revenue battle, with just a third of the money owed being paid by motorists.

It believes government needs to come up with an acceptable roads funding mechanism.

They will even accept a fuel levy, something they have always vigorously opposed. All they want to do is have enough money to build and maintain roads, the publication reported.

The publication quoted Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) manager Alex van Niekerk saying the e-toll situation was “not in a favourable state at the moment”.

“The other option is to do nothing. We will keep on maintaining what is there and the congestion will build up. We are not an agency. We are an SOE [state-owned entity] level 3, so we are not making any profit.

“For us, it’s not about the tolling. It’s about being able to generate the revenue to enable us to build mega projects which will enable economic growth.”

“But please explain how you are going to get all the other provinces to agree they are going to pay for roads in Gauteng?”