A lot of us do it, but it can wait.


A lot of us do it, but it can wait.

That’s the message behind a massive campaign to stop texting while driving. The campaign, powered by AT&T, has garnered quite a bit of celebrity endorsement and attention all over social media.

Now, the campaign can add something else to the mix of things grabbing people’s attention: An incredibly eye-opening video.

The video starts lighthearted with the cast of the television show Summer Break laughing as they confessed to oftentimes using their phones while driving.

However, their laughter soon stopped. The young actors were introduced to Jacy, a woman who experienced tremendous tragedy at the hands of a driver who was texting behind the wheel.

Jacy told the story of the drive home from her college graduation ceremony. It’s a memorable moment for any young person, but for Jacy, it’s a moment she probably wishes she could take back.

According to Jacy, as she and her family were driving, their car was hit by a distracted driver who was texting.

The resulting collision killed Jacy’s parents and left her partially paralyzed.

“I spent two months in the hospital fighting for my life and then two more months in a rehab hospital learning how to walk again, learning how to speak again, learning how to dress myself and how to feed myself,” Jacy said.

Shock came over the faces of the actors and Jacy’s words made a few of them cry.

“You have the power to make a difference and actually do something about it,” Jacy said.

The video has been viewed more than 5 million times and shared over 110,000 times.