Dries (70) and Mariaan Schoeman (68), were robbed and severely assaulted on Wednesday on their farm in Mpumalanga.

Maroela Media reported earlier that the couple was tied up with steel wire and assaulted before being robbed.

Pieter Schoeman, the couple’s son, told Maroela Media that his mother stopped at their home at 16:00 on Wednesday when four men attacked her from behind and assaulted her with a sharp object.

According to Pieter, his father stopped at the gate almost an hour later, where he saw his wife – who was soaked with blood -.

He tried to free her but, according to Pieter, was also attacked by attackers.

“They used a sharp object and hit him about four or five times on the head and then also tied him up. They dragged my mom and dad into the forest and left them there while robbing the house. ”

According to Pieter, they are unclear exactly what was used to assault his mother and father, but both of them were drenched in blood.

“It was a cruel attack; They were not simply tied up. My father has sustained a skull fracture, both his eyes are soft and he also has bleeding on the brain, “said Pieter.

The couple spent most of the night in the woods. “Fortunately, it was a warmer evening, otherwise they may not survive in the cold.”

Mariaan managed to free herself early on Thursday morning, but the wires on Dries’s hands were too tight. She fled to neighbors who called the local neighborhood guard and police.
Mariaan was transported to the Waterfall Boven Hospital in Mpumalanga, and Dries was transported to a hospital in Witbank by helicopter because the nearest neurologist practiced there.