Graphic video shows surveillance video of the confrontation between three masked robbers and the father and son, the shooting and the men take their last breaths.
The video showed Heriberto Aceves frantically going through his pockets, handing over items to a robber.  After more than a minute of being pistol whipped and held at gunpoint, Heriberto Aceves pulls a gun and fires at the robber. The robber fired back and ran out of the store into a getaway car.
Video showed the store owner, Heriberto Aceves, fall to the ground. Gunpowder filled the air as he fired in the direction of the two other robbers who investigators said are Darnell Hammond and Myron Givan.
Hammond and Given struggled with with Juan Aceves behind the counter. When Heriberto Aceves fired his gun, prosecutors said Hammond fired as well gun.
After running out of the store, Hammond allegedly came back to grab money. When he left the store a second time, the getaway car was gone. Investigators say he ran to a nearby neighborhood where he was arrested.
Jim Langston is the suspected get away driver. Investigators said he didn’t enter the store during the robbery, but was there about 15 minutes before to cash a paycheck.
Hammond and Langston have pleaded not guilty to various charges including murder and robbery.