Octogenarian Winks Kain has no time for criminals, especially those who try to hijack her.


Pietermaritzburg – Octogenarian Winks Kain has no time for criminals, especially those who try to hijack her.

With twinkling blue eyes and razor-sharp wit, the 86-year-old Kain spoke to The Witness at her home on Monday about how she foiled the plans of two potential hijackers to steal her car on Sunday afternoon.

Kain was on her usual Sunday drive going past the old Grey’s hospital when the sight of two men walking along the empty road caught her eye.

“It was very quiet. There were no motorists and no pedestrians,” said Kain.

“I saw two men walking across the street, the one a little way behind the other.”

Kain said she continued driving and all of a sudden, one of the men rushed towards her.

She said that, without really thinking about what she was doing, her foot went flat down on the accelerator, before the man could get to her window.

With the man in front of her vehicle, Kain said he lept out of the way of her speeding car, missing being hit by mere centimetres.

“I put foot and did not look back,” said Kain.

Kain said the road had been “very quiet” and that she knew there was no one to help her if the men had managed to hijack her.

“He definitely did not come to say ‘Hi’,” said Kain with a chuckle.

She said if the man had not jumped out of the way at the last minute, her car might have knocked him over.

Kain said she had not been shaken by the incident, but realised that most people were so “busy driving” and focusing on what was right in front of them that they did not think of anything else.

She said it was important to be aware of what was going on around you.

Kain’s daughter Bronwin-Gail Bennitt Malamatas said years ago, a man had reached through Kain’s window to steal something from her car.

“She wound up the window and drove off with him screaming.”

She said her mom had taught her to always be ready and alert.

Bennitt Malamatas said although her mother was only “five foot and two inches, and very slight” she had a feisty nature and a “brilliant sense of humour”.

“My mom is a feisty 86-year-old going on 70,” she said.