The men opened fire when they realised they couldn’t shake police off their tail.

Silverton streets resembled a movie scene on Friday afternoon as police chased two suspected robbers.

The chase, which started in Silverton ended with two men crashing into another vehicle in Mamelodi after a dramatic shootout with police.

Police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said police during a stop and search operation received a call to be on look-out for a white Porsche which had been hijacked in Sunnyside.

He said during lookout police made another discovery.

Police spotted a charcoal Hyundai sports car driving at high speed. The car had been flagged for suspected links to house robberies in the east of Pretoria.

“Police immediately gave chase.”

“There were two occupants inside the vehicle.”

Sepato said the men opened fire when they realised they couldn’t shake police off their tail.

“And police returned fire.”

He said the chase culminated in Mamelodi where the men hit a pedestrian and then crashed into a Hyundai i20.

“The culprits immediately jumped out and ran.”

“One was arrested by officers responding to the back-up call and the other escaped.”

“It was later discovered that the man had been wounded in the abdomen during the shootout.”

Sepato said a balaclava, gloves and two firearms with filed-off serial numbers were found in the vehicle.

On further investigation, police linked the vehicle to a number robberies and house breakings in the east and the vehicle was linked to the hijacking of the white Porsche in Sunnyside.

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