A woman’s rights group is fuming after a mother of three made up with her 20-year-old boyfriend, who she accused of “nearly beating her to death”


Earlier this year, support poured in for Verity Engel, 31, after she contacted the Daily Voice seeking help to jail her “abusive” boyfriend, who beat her unconscious in their home in Capricorn.

Images of Verity’s bloody and bruised face went viral on social media, and doctors revealed she would have to undergo reconstructive surgery to save her disfigured face.

Verity suffered a broken cheekbone, cracked jaw, broken eye socket and her lip was cut open, and doctors inserted metal plates into her face.

The attack took place in front of the couple’s then four-month-old baby son.

A Facebook page was started for Verity, while women’s rights organisation Philisa Abafazi Bethu in Lavender Hill came out to support the mom at court.

However, everyone was shocked to learn over the weekend that Verity had forgiven her boyfriend, Tyler “Taariq” Maart, and that the two are back together.

On Monday, Eric Ntabazalila, Regional Communications Manager for the National Prosecuting Authority, confirmed that a charge of attempted murder was dropped against Maart on 26 June at the Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court.

This apparently after Maart and Engel underwent a mediation process at his request.

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