If you support any location on earth that holds dolphins for the amusement and entertainment of humans you are directly responsible for the slaughter that takes place in Japan. It’s never to late to make the change, vow to never support dolphins in any captive environment, be that dolphin shows at your local aquarium or swimming with dolphins while on holiday. The fact remains that these wonderful sentient beings have to be removed from their families to be stuck in a concrete prison for our “enjoyment”.
This needs to end – and it starts with you.

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October 26, 2016, Taiji, Japan: Exactly one week since the first slaughter of striped dolphins took place in the cove, Dolphin Project Cove Monitors live streamed via Facebook to thousands of viewers across the world what could only be described as unbearable acts of cruelty against another pod of the same species.

Credit To https://dolphinproject.net

The day began with a transfer of two bottlenose dolphins from the harbor pens to the Taiji Whale Museum – dolphins which were wild caught for the sole purposes of entertaining a paying public. Then, at 8:00 a.m., two hours after the hunting boats went out in search for dolphins, they began pursuing a pod.

The dolphins fought hard, but hunters were relentless. At one point, the large pod appeared to break free, with a smaller number of an estimated 40 dolphins ultimately being rounded up and herded into shallower waters. When we spotted the characteristic pattern of blue/grey and dramatic white stripes, we feared it would be a brutal event. And it was.

Credit To https://dolphinproject.net

While overgrown greenery serves to largely block the visuals in the cove, they cannot mask the sounds. And they were gruesome as the dolphins panicked, desperately attempting to evade the sensory overload bombarding them. Yet even the foliage couldn’t mask the hysteria which ensued, as dolphins slammed against the razor-sharp rocks, became entangled in the nets and ultimately died a traumatic death even before being dragged under tarps to be slaughtered.

Credit To https://dolphinproject.net

Hunters could be seen wrangling the terrorized dolphins, tying them in bunches by their tails, while alive, drowning them as they made their way to the shore. Others were clearly seen being run over by the skiffs’ and their whirling propeller blades, a practice we have documented several times during past slaughters, indicating this wasn’t an isolated incident.

When all sounds ceased, the slaughter finally ended, suddenly a lone head popped out amidst the bloody water. One dolphin still survived. What followed was a full hour of torture as hunters in skiffs chased the injured mammal within the small, netted area. Finally, the dolphin succumbed in exhaustion as hunters looped a rope around its tail and dragged it under the killing tarps. But not before they covered the dying animal itself with a plastic sheet, to hide their actions.

Credit To https://dolphinproject.net