near hurricane battered Durban yesterday, claiming at least eight lives. Several areas flooded and the cricket ground in Durban was one of them.

South African hockey player Lloyd Madsen posted the video to Twitter and it courted reaction from a few people – including Kevin Pietersen.

The Dolphins do not have a home game scheduled here until 16 October, but the after-effects of the flood might not be remedied by then.

In England, New Road, Worcestershire’s cricket ground, was flooded by torrential rain in 2014. The scale of the flooding was a bit more intense than Kingsmead, getting a ground ready after such heavy rain can be a real task.

In 2007, New Road experienced the second-worst flood in the ground’s history in terms of the depth of water on the ground. The team was unable to play there again for the rest of that season.

If flood water stays on the grass for too long, it can kill the grass and, of course, there’s the damage to the pitch.

Just as well that Durban won’t have to worry about hosting the T20 Global Leaguethen, eh?