A young man was lynched and set on fire by a mob at the Alafiya bus stop in Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria, for allegedly attempting to steal cassava flour, locally known as garri, from a shop.

An angry mob got hold of the man and beat him till his head turned bloody, before finally hanging car tire on his neck and setting him ablaze in the execution tactics known as necklacing.

While official reports talk about a 7 year old boy, an eye witness said the
boy was actually a man in his early twenties, who happens to be a member of a notorious gang that has been terrorizing the area.


By my own estimate, this “boy” could be between 14 to 18 years of age.

It’s so sad that this happened in a country where greedy politicians and self-proclaimed prophets who steal billions are celebrated. Ever since the former dictator, the Islamist Muhammad Buhari was elected into office of the President, things have been tough for Nigerians.

Thanks for the video and the insider thoughts, @african-angel. Necklacing didn’t make it to the video, but it appears in the picture: