We received the following message and pictures from a journalist in Zimbabwe regarding another violent land grab in Zimbabwe. Let us take note of this, very careful note indeed!

We would really appreciate anything you can do to help to publicise this terrible situation, everyone is okay, but the farm workers terrorised and some beaten up, they’ve all been turfed out of their houses and furniture removed, damaged and looted. Messenger of the court from Mutare stole most of the Smarts kid’s toys! I drove to the farm on Friday night to collect their two kids and their three dogs as they were getting too traumatised by the whole event and confusion etc. The whole Smart family, grand parents, Son, Daughter, Daughter in law and their two boys spent Friday hiding in the gomos away from large numbers of armed riot police that had been sent by Bishop Trevor Manhanga, who is the person that wants to take the farm.

For more accurate information I can put you directly in touch with the Smart family? Situation as it stands is that the armed guards who have been left guarding the properties are not allowing anyone into the houses, they have put different locks on the gates etc and are clearly under instructions of Bishop Manhanga.

Too much info to give third hand as I was not there but I did see Darryn Smart and his elderly father yesterday, they are distraught and don’t know what to do.