traffic officers clocked a motorcyclist doing 295km/h – he was subsequently fined R100,000 after police caught up to him after he stopped his Suzuki GSX-R1100.


Traffic fines in South Africa range from a few hundred rand to the tens of thousands, depending on the infringement you commit.

In 2007 on the N2 near Port Shepstone, traffic officers clocked a motorcyclist doing 295km/h – he was subsequently fined R100,000 after police caught up to him after he stopped his Suzuki GSX-R1100.

In 2011, a Gauteng motorist who was caught travelling at 216 km/h in a 120km/h zone and was given a R40,000 fine and his driving licence was suspended for six months.

These cases were overseen by a magistrate’s court, which takes multiple factors into account before determining the sentence.

For the everyday fines which are not determined by a court, there are predetermined amounts set.

This is based on information from the Western Cape Government and the RTIA.

Traffic Fines in South Africa
OffenceFine Amount
Operated a vehicle of which the total combination mass as determined by the vehicle manufacturer has been exceeded by 1,601-1,800kg (Vehicle <3,500kg)R5,000
Axle massload as determined by the SABS or tyre manufacturer has been exceeded by 1,601-1,800kg (Vehicle <3,500kg)R5,000
Passed a vehicle at an unsafe placeR3,500
No Roadworthy Certificate. Bus/Midibus/MinibusR3,500
Organised / Taking part in a Race/Sport on a public road without permissionR3,000
No Professional Driving Category P Permit. (Pdrp)R3,000
Operate unroadworthy motor vehicleR3,000
Disregard No OvertakingR2,500
Driving without reasonable consideration for other road usersR2,500
Employing /Permitting an Unlicensed C/EC Driver to drive a motor vehicleR2,500
Disregard Yield Pedestrian SignR2,000
Fail to comply with instruction, direction or obstruct, hindered, interfere Traffic OfficerR1,500
Fail to stop vehicle on command of Traffic OfficerR1,500
Overloading a vehicle with max 56,000kg combination mass by 12-13.99%R1,500
Employing /Permitting an Unlicensed Driver to drive a motor vehicleR1,500
156-160km/h in a 120km/h zoneR1,500
151-155km/h in a 120km/h zoneR1,250
Driving without a driving licenceR1,250 – R2,000
Disregard Stop / YieldR1,000

Traffic fines may vary in different provinces.