At around 7pm this evening a message was received on the Florida Hills Community Crime group for help at a residence in the area.

A Florida CPF Sector 1 member from FHRF responded immediately to the call for help. Enroute he called for backup on the Sector 1 WhatsApp group.

Upon arrival in the road he found neighbours and the victim standing in the road.

3 armed Black males driving a black or dark blue BMW 1 series attempted to hijack the victim driving a white Range Rover when she was entering her property. The victim might have been followed from the Virgin Active on 14th Ave in Constantia Kloof.

Thankfully she was unharmed in the incident.

Patrollers from M & D Community Policing / Maraisburg & Delarey CPF also attended the scene and a Gauteng wide lookout was given for the suspects and getaway vehicle.

APCAN Security Group officers combed the area but the suspects had fled.

Approx 30 minutes after this incident a call came in from Honeydew CPF Sector 2 that one of their residents reported that she was also almost a victim of a hijacking at the Florida Hills Vet on Ontdekkers Rd in Florida Hills.

Thankfully she managed to speed away and escape from being a victim.

Please be aware of any suspicious person or any vehicle that you think may be following you. If you feel that you are being followed drive to the nearest police station or petrol station were there is lots of light, cameras and people.

Alternatively if you are close to home, call your security company to send one of their reaction officers to either meet you enroute or at your property.