“Henry was being attacked and Michael immediately jumped in to save him. He was stabbed in the neck.”


Cape Town – A neighbourhood watch member was stabbed in the neck while trying to protect his brother during a knife attack.

Michael Petersen, 33, has been part of the Tafelsig West Neighbourhood Watch in Mitchells Plain for eight years.

On Saturday, just before 7pm, Michael was having supper with a fellow neighbourhood watch member when he heard a commotion in Mongoose Street, where he also lives.

The young men’s mother, Charmaine Petersen, 54, says Michael was stabbed in the neck while her younger son Henry, 29, was stabbed in the hand.

“Michael was trying to protect his brother when he was stabbed,” says the widow of four years.

“I still don’t know what the fight was about. Henry is refusing to talk.”

“I couldn’t even go see my son in hospital, he looked terrible. This is all too much for me.”

She said Michael didn’t have a job, but spent a lot of time patrolling the streets with the neighbourhood watch.

A neighbourhood watch leader, who asked not to be identified, says Michael jumped in to help his brother who was being attacked by three men.

“He was having supper at my home and he heard the commotion outside,” he says.

“Henry was being attacked and Michael immediately jumped in to save him. He was stabbed in the neck.”

Neighbours Desmond, 64, and Cathleen Roberts, 65, literally had to drag Michael to safety.

“I was standing at the gate when I saw three men following Michael and then they stabbed him,” says Desmond.

Cathleen says she pulled Michael out of harm’s way.

“I had to push him into the house. I asked if he was okay and he said he was stabbed in the neck and the blood was running out of his mouth and nose.

“There was so much blood, we were so shocked.”

“I started calling the people outside to call the ambulance. He was losing so much blood.”

The three suspects managed to flee the scene while Michael was rushed to hospital.

Charmaine said on Sunday her son was in a stable condition.

“We expect him to be discharged from hospital (today),” she adds.

On Sunday, Henry refused to comment about the events leading up to the attack, and the stabbing itself.

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut says they have no record of the incident.