MZANSI parents were shocked when the horror blood-sharing drug called Bluetooth hit the streets.

But now, kids as young as seven years old are getting trapped by another evil drug!

This time it’s “shepherd”, a mix of pen ink, mealie-meal and paraffin – the latest crazy drug to hit the streets of Cosmo City, west of Joburg.

Community patrollers in Cosmo City told Daily Sun that more than 30 kids are believed to be smoking the drug at a primary school in the area.

“It is worrying to see kids as young as seven smoking the drug.

“What does the future have in store for them if they start at this young age?

An adult showed Daily Sun how the drug is made.

The kids spread the ink and mix it with mealie-meal, paraffin and wrap it like a zol. They then strike a match, smoke it and quickly get high.

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