Fort Collins police officers repeatedly shouted “do not make us do this” in the seconds before they shot and killed an intoxicated and suicidal man on the city’s outskirts four months ago, newly released video shows.

They deployed their Tasers twice. Neither was effective on the 63-year-old man who stood dazed in a driveway, arms at his side, hands clutching a six-inch fillet knife he bought minutes prior at nearby Jax Ranch and Home.

Jerry Jackson squared off with officers who responded to a 911 caller reporting that he was pounding on the windows of a vehicle where his wife had taken refuge from Jackson. The man had recently violated multiple restraining orders, and one of his wife’s female roommates found Jackson armed with a knife in her home.

In the rush to the call, Fort Collins officers responded to the north Fort Collins property just outside their jurisdiction. Walking down the driveway, they encountered Jackson.

They tried reasoning with him, calling him by name and pleading with him to drop the knife.

Then came the flurry of shots, three blasts from each of the three Fort Collins officers. A split-second cacophony followed immediately by silence.

Then blood.

Seven of the nine shots hit him.

Officers’ attempts to keep Jackson alive long enough for emergency medical workers to arrive failed — they suspected efforts would be futile when they called the “code black” and pulled out the Quick-Clot they carry to stop serious bleeding.

The entire incident was captured on two officers’ body-mounted cameras, one video is shot from a camera mounted on an officers’ glasses, the other from an officer’s shoulder.

The Coloradoan obtained the video Friday morning after filing multiple records requests. It shows in detail what happened during the roughly six minutes that passed between when Old Town Fort Collins officers responded to the scene to their efforts to render aid to the dying man as U.S. Highway 287 traffic passed a few steps away.