in a series of events resembling a Hollywood movie.


In a two-story house in a small town in the Pskov Region, 15-year-old Denis Muravyov and Yekaterina Vlasova shot at police from the window, streaming the action live on the Periscope video app, comparing themselves to infamous U.S. criminal pair Bonnie and Clyde, before apparently committing suicide as police stormed the building – in a series of events resembling a Hollywood movie.

According to Muravyov’s account of events on the Periscope broadcast (which has now been taken down; only a transcript (in Russian) has been preserved), they decided to run away because Vlasova, his girlfriend, was “severely” beaten at home for sleeping over at her friend’s house without asking, and he had simply had enough of his parents.

Three days before the incident, which took place on Nov. 14, Muravyov withdrew money using his mother’s credit card, and the teenagers traveled 45 miles from Pskov to the settlement of Strugi Krasniye (360 miles northwest of Moscow), to the house of Vlasova’s stepfather, who kept firearms in a safe at home. The youngsters managed to break into it and remove a hunting rifle and other firearms.

The police were soon looking for the young man, who was listed as missing. When the teenagers’ parents arrived, the young pair refused to let them in and barricaded themselves inside the house. Then Muravyov shot Vlasova’s mother in the hip using a non-lethal gun during the scuffle. When a police van drove up, Muravyov opened fire at the officers, this time with a real firearm.

“We have zero options! … It’s useless [to surrender],” exclaimed Vlasova during the live stream on Periscope.

“Maybe I hit the cops, I don’t know. I see – they’re mouthing off to me on the phone, I see the cops – just bang, bang at them. If I hit them, it’s another 15 years,” said Muravyov.

Later on, Vlasova exclaimed that now “the whole class is watching her” and said she will miss her classmates.

“If we don’t surrender, we’ll be killed,” said Muravyov. “It’s just that if we surrender, we’re unlikely to see each other, they’ll send us to different cities and schools.”

Eventually, the teens announced on the live stream that they had run out of ammunition, though one of the videos shows that there was a lot of ammunition in the house.

At some point, the recording was interrupted, and a special squad stormed the house, where they found the teenagers shot dead. The Pskov Information Agency reported (in Russian) that Muravyov first shot Vlasova and then turned the gun on himself. Both teenagers left identical messages to their families on social networks, accusing them of the “destruction of mind and life.”