Residents living near a Cape Town high school were shocked when this man whipped out his penis and allegedly started masturbating in front of the school.

A witness says the man started stroking himself while peeping at girls through the school fence on Monday morning.

The man was photographed by a shocked resident, who alerted security guards at the school.

He says the pupils were not even aware they were being watched by the pervert.

He says the pervert would peek at the meisies, then move to the corner where he rubbed his private parts.

The resident says he couldn’t believe his eyes and waited about 15 minutes to make sure before he took action.

“I tried to figure out what he was doing and realised he was looking at the schoolgirls and just taking a skommel. As soon as a car would come up the street, he would put it away and walk to the corner. He did this a few times,” he said.

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