A video of the one-sided fight outside a high school in Blue Downs has gone viral on social media.


Cape Town – A video of the one-sided fight outside a high school in Blue Downs has gone viral on social media.

The victim says her attacker bashed her head against a wall, and against the ground and kicked her continuously while schoolchildren watched on, some encouraging the bully and others telling her to stop.

Now the matriculant’s family has opened a case of assault against her 17-year-old attacker, although police could not confirm this by on Wednesday night.

The incident happened on January 19, and on Wednesday, the bully appeared before a disciplinary hearing at the school.

The matric pupil was also present at the hearing, where the deputy principal and members of the School Governing Body allegedly told the traumatised girl to get a transfer to another school.

The 47-second long video was made while the matriculant was walking home from school.

Grabbing the girl by her hair, smacking her in her face and kicking her repeatedly, the bully says: “Hoor hier so, jy jou ma se * ***, jou ma is ‘* * ***. Jy beter jou ma sê om weg te bly van my * *** se pa. Hy is a getroude man.”

On Wednesday, the soft-spoken girl said it was not the first time the bully attacked her.

“On that day, I saw her across the road standing with other people and then she crossed over and came over to me,” she explains.

“She wasn’t dressed in her school uniform. She immediately began swearing at me and beating my face against the wall and kicking me in the face.”

The teenager says she didn’t want to fight back.

“I am in matric and I know I can be suspended for fighting,” she says.

“I kept telling her to leave me, but she didn’t.”

The girl says her mother is a teacher’s aid at their school, and that she knows nothing about the alleged affair.

The next day, she learnt a video of the fight was being spread around school.

“I stayed a week out of school because I was so humiliated. I am seeing a psychiatrist now.

“The children mock me, but they do not say anything about my mother.”

The teen’s grandmother, 64, says: “She is a quiet child and I do not think it is fair that she must get the blame for what her mother may be doing.”

The grandmother says transferring her granddaughter to another school is not an option or solution: “You get rid of the rotten apple who infects everyone. I told my grandchild she is going nowhere because this is her final year.

“I have visited the other girl’s mother and I said respect starts at home and that I am disappointed.”

The bully’s father did not want to comment on Wednesday, while the victim’s mother did not respond to Daily Voice queries.

The Education Department’s Millicent Merton says steps have been taken: “Our district office conducted an anti-bullying programme at the school shortly after the incident was reported.”