Many videos have emerged out of the war zones in the Middle East showing various terrorist groups fighting each other as well as the so-called “moderate” rebels fighting Assad’s forces.

A video that was posted to YouTube showed a group of unidentified fighters firing machine guns, presumably during battle. The video does not say where it was shot, but from the context of the video we can guess that it was in either Syria or Iraq. It is of course possible that it was shot in some other part of the Middle East.

The video gives no indication of which terrorist group, if any, these particular fighters belong to.

Throughout the video the members of the group of gunmen take turns firing their weapons at an unknown target and yelling “Allah Akbar” after they run out of ammo.

The terrorists are really bad marksman. They never actually take the time to aim from their target and a couple of them are quite literally shooting from the hip.

During the video you can also hear the sound of gunfire in the distance.

One gunner took a little too long when he popped out from behind the wall he was hiding behind and an unseen sniper took a head shot.

You can watch the video here, but of course, it contains Extremely Graphic Content, so be warned.

It’s safe to say that this particular group of fighters wasn’t the most experienced bunch to ever go onto the battlefield. Urban warfare isn’t easy and requires a lot more skill than firing a machine gun from your hip and screaming.