This video was sent to us by a follower and has gone viral in India.

In the video a proclaimed South African thief named ‘Musa’ can be seen being beaten half to death by locals in the town of Mumbai.

It is alleged the thief was caught red-handed in a family home. He was in the middle of the robbery when the owners arrived.

They immediately shouted for neighbors to assist, and they came in numbers.


The thief was unarmed but the residents of the local town were, they used anything they could find including a pickaxe, wooden planks, and other makeshift weapons to give him the beating of his life.

It is a known fact that criminals are beaten daily by communities in India just the same as you would find here.

The reason this thief was in India in the first place is unknown.

Local authorities were called to the scene shortly after the video ended.

The footage below