A FEMALE police officer escaped death by a whisker when she clung precariously on the front of a taxi whose driver had tried to run over her at a roadblock in Gweru.

The dreadlocked driver drove for about 20 metres with the police officer clutching onto the wipers and only stopped the taxi after being coerced to do so by his passengers.

The incident which was witnessed by this reporter occurred around 10am last Thursday at a roadblock along the Gweru-Shurugwi Highway.

When the taxi finally stopped, the police officer jumped off and dashed to the driver’s door and caught him as he tried to flee.

Do you want to kill me? Why did you proceed after I had flagged you to stop?” shouted the police officer as she grabbed the driver by the belt.

Traffic ground to a halt as other police officers joined to assist their colleague.

They wrestled with the driver for close to 20 minutes in the middle of the road as he viciously resisted arrest but they later managed to subdue him.

The incident occured a day after National Traffic police spokesperson, had warned motorists especially taxi drivers against disobeying traffic rules saying police would bring them to book.

Insp Chigome said police were concerned by the increasing incidents of police officers and pedestrians being knocked down by taxi drivers and other motorists failing to obey simple traffic rules.

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