A shocking bodycam video of a teenager being shot dead after pointing a gun at a cop has emerged.

The footage, which has been released by Baltimore Police Department, shows Detective David Kincaid Jr chasing 18-year-old Curtis Deal before catching up with him.

Deal was out on a £250,000 bond when he jumped out of the detective’s car and ran. After a short chase Kincaid cut the teen off in an alleyway.

In the clip the detective shouts at Deal ordering him to stop; Deal turns around, with a shocked expression on his face and appears to raise his gun at the cop.

Four shots can then be heard on the bodycam, which is pointed away from Deal at this point, it returns in time to see the teen fall to the floor.

At one point Deal attempts to get up before he is told by police to stop moving.

It was later reported he was hit in the abdomen, hip and finger – he died of his injuries at the scene.

Kevin Davis, Police Commissioner, told the Baltimore Sun that the shooting was justified before praising Detective Kincaid for his bravery.

Mayor Catherine Pugh spoke out after the incident, questioning why the teen, who had been arrested three times in a month on drug and gun charges, was allowed out on the streets.

She told the paper: “It shows dysfunction, I believe, in our criminal justice system,’ said Mayor Catherine Pugh. ‘People who have those many gun charges probably should not be on our streets.”

He was released on an unsecured £250,000 bond, which meant that he didn’t have to pay the money up front, and was handed a 1pm curfew.

Baltimore is particularly hard-hit by gun crime with more than one killing every day in 2017.