On Thursday morning the constitutional court made a “unanimous ruling” on whether Baleka Mbete is able to utilise a secret ballot for a motion of no confidence. The court ruled that Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete DOES have the power to prescribe a secret ballot for a motion of no confidence.

The judgement was read out by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, Mogoeng heavily emphasised the fact that Parliament are required to hold leaders accountable.

While reading the judgment, the Chief Justice stated that contrary to her belief, the National Assembly Speaker DOES have the power to utilise a secret ballot.

Mogoeng said that Mbete’s previous decision was “mistaken” and “has to be set aside” and the decision now rests with her. He said that the court could not go as far as forcing her to use a secret ballot. The courtroom erupted with applause as the court also ruled that both Zuma and Mbete have to pay the legal costs of the opposition parties.

Mbete had previously stated that she “was not adverse” to a secret ballot, the opposition believes that this previous statement will make it almost impossible for her to now refuse such a vote.

The Chief Justice also took on the argument that MP’s must follow their party before the needs of the country.

Now, we sit back and wait for the official date of the Motion of No Confidence. Expect it to be soon, as setting a new date was part of the court orders handed down. For the anti-Zuma brigade though, today’s ruling is without question a positive.