“This guy is a blot on humanity. #riaanlucas”.


He took to Facebook on Monday to post a meme of actor Tobey Maguire smirking‚ with the words “Me‚ when I hear a white man has died‚ RIP Joost” — he captioned the post: “Joost is vrek”.

The backlash was swift and‚ despite Lucas deleting his Facebook account‚ screengrabs of his offensive comment went viral on social media‚ with many calling for him to be sacked and others saying he should face up to his actions in court.

Renaldo Gouws posted on Facebook: “Riaan Lucas decided to remove his racist post and shut down his Facebook profile. Sorry‚ but the internet never forgets.”

On Twitter‚ the backlash trended under the #RiaanLucas hashtag‚ where Ingrid Jones @JonesIngrid angrily retorted: “This guy is a blot on humanity. #riaanlucas”.

Radio presenter Eusebius McKaiser @Eusebius tweeted that it was a case of “disgusting racism. #RiaanLucas should be shamed like other racists have been.”

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Patrick Mark Ellis shared a similar sentiment on Facebook‚ asking: “Will Riaan Lucas also be held accountable in court for his conduct as was Penny Sparrow etc. or does racism only apply when it emanates from whites?”

Some Facebook users pointed out that this was not the first time Lucas had made racist comments‚ and shared a screengrab of a post of his that asked: “Why is the traffic acting up approaching Sandton? Was there a accident earlier? Please tell me it’s white people.”

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