A security camera recorded the action of the two military police officers who killed three criminals and left two others injured after reacting to a robbery attempt in Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, in the early hours of Friday (25), according to the Civil Police.

The case occurred in the region of Cocaia neighborhood, around 4:30. The two MPs were going to work, still without uniforms, when they were approached by the assailants. They reacted and, according to the information of the bulletin of occurrence, there was exchange of shots. Neither policeman was injured.

The images show a car with its headlights turned on in a seemingly motionless street. In the vehicle was one of the cops involved in the episode. He was going to give a lift to another agent and waited for him to leave the house. The moment the colleague leaves and seems to lock the gate, another car is approaching.

According to the MP, it was the criminals who, still inside the car, announced the robbery. Three of them got out of the vehicle toward the cops, but the agent on the sidewalk reacts quickly, pulls out his pistol and begins a sequence of shots, even holding a backpack with belongings in one hand.

The MP fires several shots. From the images it is possible to count at least four shots. When he crouches and huddles behind his colleague’s car to reload or unlock the gun, three of the assailants take the plunge to flee and run away, although wounded (one of them did not resist and died shortly thereafter). The other two criminals, one is lying on the asphalt and the other in the car that police say was stolen also died.

After the shooting, the police officer who was still at the wheel starts and seems to chase after the two who survived. His vehicle pulls away and you can not see what happens from there. The Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) confirmed, however, that the pair were located and received medical attention in hospitals in the region this morning. They were accompanied by police officers and should be arrested as soon as they are discharged.