The video, demonstrates quite the point when it comes to the importance of gun safety.  Seen as what is assumed to be at some sort of matrimonial occasion, a man is seen raising his gun in the air to let off a celebratory wedding pop-shot.

After one round, the gun malfunctions causing the man to try and clear the load by racking back the slide.  At this time however, the camera points away from the man not allowing viewers to see exactly what preceded the next shocking event.

As the camera circles back around to the gun wielding man, it appears as if he, for some undisclosed reason, gave the firearm to his son, guessed to be around the age of two or three. As the father wasn’t paying attention, he didn’t see his son pointing the gun at him with the finger on the trigger.

Before long, the ignorant situation turns tragic as the gun discharges sending a round into the man’s abdomen.  As the man doubles over, the feed quickly ends leaving viewers uncertain of his survival.