A military police officer who drove a Uber car killed two men and a teenager who tried to rob him during the race on Saturday afternoon in the City Leader, East Zone of São Paulo, according to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) . One of the men has not yet been identified by police. The other was 19 years old and adolescents 15.

The case is being investigated by the Homicide Division of the State Department of Homicides and Protection of Persons. The office did not say whether it will open internal procedure to determine the conduct of the military police.

According to the Security folder, the PM, who is also the driver’s Uber received a travel request made by a woman. Upon arriving at the scene, there were three men who asked the driver to stop at a friend’s house on the way. When the car stopped, one of the men announced the robbery and pointed the gun at the officer.
According to the SSP, the police responded to the robbery attempt, pulled out a gun and shot the three assailants, who did not survive their injuries.

In the video below, recorded by security cameras, you can see the time when one of the robbers approaches the driver, already outside the car. The officer responds, pointing the gun at the assailant, who runs. The police go after, and the other two assailants open the door to escape. PM back and shoot them. One of the assailants disappears from the camera image, but the other is lying on the ground, with part of his body in display.

The video also shows the officer turned to go after the first assailant who approached him. Then returns to the car and points his gun once more to the robber who is lying on the ground. The PM points the gun at him again, approaches the burglar and kicks his head before pulling away again.

The Civil Police sent for examination two weapons of the dead robbers, one caliber 32 and another 38. The location of the shooting also underwent expertise of Criminology Institute. The case was registered as attempted vehicle theft, offenses and murder due to opposition to police intervention.