2 May 2017, Cape Town: The following story & video footage was sent to News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents. At around 4am this morning, the 28th of April, my friend and I went through the KFC drive through in Cape Town. After a stand still of about 10-15 minutes, I got out the car to see what was going on.

I saw a group of people at the window, and asked if everything was good. Instantly the group turned to me and all began shouting at me and the one guy said “give back our land”.

I replied saying all I wanted was some KFC and that this has nothing to do with race. The guys then followed me as I walked to the car and we began to argue as I was climbing in.


He then threatened to kill me and my friend, saying that the blacks are coming for the white. I got mad and told him to back off and leave us alone, he got closer to me and was shoving his hand in my face.

I told him to leave me alone and he pushed me against the car. I decided to get in because I didn’t want to get hurt. He and his friends then decided to hit as well as kick my friends car and window.

He then went to my friends window and began putting his hand in her face and calling us “white bitches” and other racial slurs. He then proceeded to rub his ass on the hood of her car and film us.

We decided to start filming and I asked him what it was that I did to offend him. He assumed that I thought that he was “too poor” to afford KFC, and below us. I had absolutely no thought like that in my head and couldnt even fathom the fact that he thought that I was thinking that.

When we left he continuously called us “poor whites” , which I found very ironic. When I tried to respond he said I couldn’t talk because that was white privilege. I didn’t choose the color of my skin, so automatically hating me for it is racism.