Image: IOL

DURBAN – POLICE arrested two people impersonating military authorities at the funeral of Durban’s alleged hijacking kingpin, Sandile “Chillies” Bhengu.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said the two were spotted in uMlazi near a community hall where the funeral was taking place. They were wearing SANDF and Navy uniforms.

“It was discovered that they do not work for either law enforcement agencies,” said Mbhele.

At Bhengu’s uMlazi funeral, helicopters circled the area where the funeral service for the 36-year-old took place. Motorcycle riders escorted his body to the cemetery, while young men and women danced outside the community hall. The funeral was attended by hundreds of people.

Police searched their bags for weapons and staged roadblocks.

On Friday night, several cars were stolen in neighbouring Chatsworth and burnt in uMlazi, allegedly in his honour. One was burnt at the spot in uMlazi’s B section where the alleged kingpin was shot at the end of August.

On social media many celebrated Bhengu, but this has opened up wounds for many who have been victims of crime. Victims said people 
like Bhengu terrorised the community.

One 32-year-old Bluff woman who was hijacked on her way home three months ago, was angered by people on social media who appeared to be in awe of Bhengu.

“People talk nonsense and say he was not brutal. They don’t know how brutal the trauma is that you go through after the hijacking. It changes your life in a bad way – you are always suspicious, always scared, always anxious.


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