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Security cameras footage shows how a family of Limpopo Sunday night was almost the victims of a farm attack.

On the footage we can see how the 17-year-old Su-Márie Lombard passes a few yards of the armed men without knowing it. Moments later, one of the alleged attackers with a firearm in his hand was behind her.

Desire Lombard told Maroela Media she and her family live on a farm 10 km outside Tzaneen. She climbed into bed on the sunday night at 19:50. Her husband was out to go hunting on the farm. “Su-Márie barked the dog outside and took the shotgun to investigate,” she said. “We both know we can not leave the house at all if my husband is not there, but I did not know she was going out.”

The video shows how the alleged attackers creep into the sidewalk area of the house and hide in the laundry room. The family’s dog, a seven-month-old American flock, comes in later and senses the men in the laundry room. He stood in front of the door for a while and barked, but apparently too scared to storm them.

A minute later, Su-Márie walked around the corner with a shotgun in her hands. She peered carefully into the built-in porch, but could not see the men behind the door of the laundry room. She walked back with the dog back to the house before one of the suspected robbers ran after her.

“Su-Márie ran into the house and closed the security gate,” Desire said. “She woke me up and I grabbed the shotgun.” Desire fired warning shots at the security gate while Su-Márie called her dad to return home. One of the alleged attackers ran to the security gate and tried to push it out before hijacked.

“I do not know if he heard how my husband attacked or what, but they all just ran away suddenly. We filed a case of attempted robbery at the police, but no-one has been arrested. ”

Marius Jacobs of Watchdog Tzaneen provided the footage of the incident to Maroela Media. Maroela Media has accelerated the speed of the footage on some parts for publication purposes.

Please note the video in the video is wrong.

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