Lions are the ultimate predator, and that means they will pounce on anything if it puts food on the table. However, one feisty Kruger feline seems to have developed a rather unique taste for rubber…

The incredibly candid footage was captured by 13-year-old Sean Obeirne, as he and his family were off for breakfast at Tshokwane Camp in Kruger National Park.

How the Kruger Lion found a taste for tyres

As they slowly approached the camp, a pride of lions greeted them, lazing in the middle of the road. The family were overjoyed with their up close and personal interaction with the beasts. They were even more happy when the lion decided he only likes tyres attached to Toyotas, rather than their car.


As the mischievous animal had a sniff around he car, the Obeirnes were on tenterhooks waiting to see what would happen next. Hilariously, one of the kids can be heard saying ‘I wish he’d do that to our car’. The mum quite rightly disagrees.

Suddenly, the lion takes a chomp out of the tire, causing it to burst. The once-proud lion runs away with his tail between his legs

The articulate teen described the craziness of the whole affair:

“I had been filming the entire interaction but wasn’t prepared for what I captured. In the midst of our childish jokes, there was an almighty bang and the lion investigating the car ran off in fright,”

“The tyre changing went as smoothly as could be expected in such a setting and we managed to make it to breakfast no more than three-and-a-half hours late and with an additional three people.”

Kruger officials issue warning to tourists

All’s well that ends well, right? Well, Kruger National Park weren’t quite in the mood to just laugh this one off. They issued a firm reminder that no-one should exit their car to change a tire. It’s too dangerous given the proximity to the lions.

KNP advised that motorists should call the park administration to send a breakdown service. If you aren’t within cellphone range, get a passing vehicle to do so once it picks up a signal.

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The tourists will perhaps think twice about waiting for the lions to move before they do. Failing that, they should just take the ‘mane’ road. (Our sincere apologies for that.)

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