WARNING, GRAPHIC: A woman who survived a terrifying high-speed crash shocked bystanders by sitting calmly in the wreckage as she started to apply her makeup.

Witnesses believe the woman had gone into extreme shock after the car she was traveling in collided with a wall, ripping the vehicle in half.

The male driver, whose body was slumped only metres away from the woman, was reportedly killed on impact.

A small crowd of people gather around the car and watch on as the woman casually uses her mobile phone before pulling a mirror out of her bag to touch up her appearance.


The car was torn in half down the middle, separating the driver’s side from the passenger’s, exposing twisted metal and a mere shell of what was once a luxury BMW.

Local news reports stated the unnamed woman only received minor cuts in the horrific accident.

Please note this is relatively old video but we are pretty sure not many of you have seen it and just by the details of this story and video we thought we would share.